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A Healthy Indoor Environment
We know that controlling proper humidity levels are an important part of achieving a healthy indoor environment and keeping your home comfortable all year long.

In the cooler months of Winter, humidity can drop to extremely low levels causing potential health problems such as allergies, sensitive skin, sore throats and nasal irritation. A low humidity level not only can put your health at risk, it can also cause damage to furnishings, causing wood to split or warp.

In the dog days of Summer, high humidity in the home is not only uncomfortable, but can promote bacteria growth on interior walls and ductwork. This can result in an increase in allergic reactions and respiratory ailments.

Rusk Heating and Cooling can assess your home's humidity needs and design a year-round solution. Our service plan ensures your home's humidifier is operating at peak performance, keeping a consistent and comfortable level of humidity all year long.

Simply call or click to contact us for a FREE Indoor Air Quality evaluation to determine if humidity problems exist in the air you are breathing every day. We will customize a humidity solution to make your home as healthy as it can be, so you can breathe easier.

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